"I started back in Feb 2013 with Patty England. I was 40 lbs. overweight, Size 12-14 and turning 50 in April. I had no history of exercise, no enthusiasm at all. I knew I had to do something and Patty was it. She put me on a strict diet of eating right and exercising 3 times a week. The weight came off steadily and the exercise became addictive. She taught me to eat healthy and exercise right. 9 months later, I am now a size 6 and feel better than I have in 20 years. She has motivated me and changed my life for the better. I ran in the Dirty Girl Mud Run 2013 for the first time. It was a fantastic feeling to know that all the training and weight loss made it possible. It has been a life changing time for me. I cannot thank Patty enough for helping me reach my goals. She truly is an inspiration."
Barbara W. (San Antonio, Texas)
"From the very first day I met Patty, I knew I was in for a serious change. Everyone wants their trainer to be someone who motivates them not only verbally, but also emotionally and physically. I went to Patty with a goal of competing in a figure physique show, and on the first day I met her, I knew it could happen. Patty is a competitor herself and looks amazing!! Not only did she transform my former college athlete flabby body into something lean and mean, but she instilled confidence in me to believe that I can stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people and compete!! Her daily motivation regarding my diet, the gym sessions where I left feeling amazingly tired and most of all, the friendship we now have is priceless. If you are even thinking about going to her with your fitness goals, DO IT! I did and I'll never be the same!!"
Brenna (Capt, USAF, MC Emergency Medicine Resident SAUSHEC)
"Killer Kyle", he is really fabulous. I did warn him that I was not a good client because I whine and he dealt with it great, which made everything all good. He does do an excellent job of sharing what and why of what we're doing which is great for a person who is not into fitness. His calming demeanor works well for someone kicking into a plan, its very comforting. I will continue to go to the gym to keep up the momentum. Thanks Killer!!
Wanda Heard (Beginner Workout Enthusiast)
"I hired a Personal Trainer here in San Antonio, Patricia Jentsch of WellFit Group of San Antonio. She helped me jump start my new healthy life style and helped me become a personal trainer myself. If it hadn't been for her I wouldn't be where I am today. It has taken me 2 years to gain 35 pounds of lean muscle mass and become the healthiest I have been."
Meagan Rodrigues
"I just wanted to thank you again for gifting me 5 workouts with you. I don't think I would have tried working with a personal trainer without those sessions. I am really beginning to feel hopeful that I can do this and that I am not destined to have a "middle-aged" body and be out of shape and tired all the time. The transformation is happening slowly but I think the most important transformation is happening to my belief st. While I'm looking forward to my vacation, I'm kind of disappointed that I'll missing my workouts! Have a Happy 4th."
Beth S. (Shavano Park, Texas)
"Ms. Jentsch is excellent at encouraging discipline and motivation from within me at every session we have. I come out feeling energized and ready for the week ahead. I really look forward to our sessions."
Georgianne G. (San Antonio, Texas)
"Hello to future clients, I wanted to right this testimonial to praise Patty. She has provided a marvelous training program to my daughter Shawna who is a top ranking tennis player here in San Antonio. When Shawna originally came to Patty, her primary goal was to develop endurance. lose a couple pounds and to improve her technique. In 8 weeks, not only did Shawna improve her game, but her overall outlook and confidence had shot up through the roof. Patty provided constant motivation to Shawna, with regular phone calls and emails. Her surprise visits to my daughters games were actually a blessing, which helped my daughter greatly with her self-esteem. I would recommend Patty to any parent who wants to help their child succeed and excel in an athletic program."
Michelle V. (San Antonio, TX)
"Patty has been working with my husband and myself since October of 2004. She's been extremely reliable and dedicated to helping us fulfill ourgoals of losing/maintaining our weight and getting us in the best shape of our lives. Patty has been very flexible with our schedules. We enjoy her personality tremendously. She makes working out fun, challenging and interesting. She is constantly trying new techniques and exercises. The work outs are always different and target different areas of the body."
Cathy B. (Lake Hills, TX)
"I had ACL reconstruction on my knee about 3 months ago. I was hesitant to begin any type of workout program beforehand, but was advised by my doctor to begin strengthening the leg before surgery to speed up recovery. I began a weekly program with Patty 2 months before my scheduled surgery. We slowly developed my strength, balance and flexibility in each leg. After surgery, I was pleasantly surprised that my recovery was quick and almost without pain. I reactivated my program with Patty once again a few weeks after surgery, and have never felt better. I feel the stretching and the balance training I received from Patty was very beneficial to my recovery. Patty is a gem!"
Stephen M. (San Antonio, TX)
"Have just completed a full month at Wellfit, and plan to renew indefinitely in my quest for better health, increased strength, weight loss, and overall fitness. My trainer is Michael, and he is super professional, always prompt, thorough, instructive, and carefully modifies exercises to accommodate my post-surgical spine fusion. I turned 50 this year, and decided to finally get up off the couch and get back in shape. This training is the best birthday gift I've ever given myself."
Cyndie G. (Schertz, TX)
"Ethan has been my personal trainer for a few weeks now and has been great. He's listens to what parts of your body you want to work on, and always has exercises that will strengthen those areas. He's always on time, patient, pushes you when you need to be pushed, positive and cares about your personal fitness success. Great trainer!! I would recommend him to all of my friends!"
Suzi B. (San Antonio, TX)
"Patricia did a great job in not only educating me on the right things to do, but also being support as a friend. Every one of our workouts was entertaining, energetic, customized for my needs, and challenging."
Beatriz G.
"I did a lot of research and visited three types of gyms to find the right fit for my exercise and nutrition needs. I'm very pleased with the results I've had working with Patty as my trainer for the past 3 months. I really like the variety of cardio and strength training of each session and she continues to challenge me to increase intensity and endurance. And, the TaiChi/Yoga Fusion class is awesome! Patty and I are the same age, so I appreciate that she can relate to me as a woman, a driven career oriented person and a mom. Patty is my best cheerleader and I’d recommend her services to anyone wanting to improve their health and life balance! Thanks for believing in me Patty!"
Tonya M. (San Antonio, TX)
"I can lift my own suitcase into the overhead locker. I can stand all day, in heels without my back hurting. I can walk into the gym feeling hopeless and walk out sweaty, but laughing and ready to take on the world. Patty did all I ask and more, and she made me laugh while I did it. I love her :-)"
Wendi L. (San Antonio, TX)
"Hello , name is Alex , just had my first free session and Patricia and will were awesome for the first meet , will gave a good boxing session made me open my eyes that I'm to young to feel winded , but I'm ready for the change and boost , I give it a 4 stars till I get in my results I will rate it more than that 🙂 , but they seemed well knowledgeable , I'm glad I purchased sessions with well fit , , ready to rage this body.
Alex S. (San Antonio, TX)
"Okay. Where to start. I am on a journey to fitness and wellness in my life that will take the better part of the next two years. Patty takes me to a whole new level EVERY session. I work out hard each time and come back for more. I have been there a month and already can I not only see and feel a difference others have told me (without prompting) as well. She's definitely worth every penny!"
Alicia W. (San Antonio, TX)
"I have so many great things to say about Patricia! I've had many trainers in the past.. but I can definitely say that she is the best and she will forever be my coach! She has took me to another level with training. She has pushed me to work hard and to never give up. With her training I've had quick results and I'm loving every minute of it! I would highly highly recommend her to be your coach as well! Best in the bizz.
Brittany R.
"In the time I spent with Patty I gained knowledge of what it takes to reach my training goals. I learned proper technique and form. I learned how important eating clean is and I gained the confidence to go into a gym and know exactly what to do on my own. She also showed me that I was stronger than what I believed to be. Not only that, she is an awesome person and I enjoyed my workouts with her. She was also great at working with my schedule when unexpected things came up. Thanks to her I am heading down a new path to a goal I am now working hard on reaching." Update 2014. "Thanks to Patty's motivation and guidance, I became a W.I.T.S. Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach."
Margarita Stone
"Shes understanding, caring, and genuine. She has your best interest in mind. Training is truly her gift from god that she is putting to use. Shes fun, exciting,and never a dull moment when training with her. If you do not like working out or have gotten tired of the same old thing she will help you to fall back in love with it and look foward to it."
Twinkle H. (San Antonio, TX)
"She is the best trainer I have ever experienced in this Industry, she should be working for the stars as I give her 5."
Karen Kenga
"I don't think I could have found a better fit for what I'm trying to accomplish. It was almost instantly that Patty knew exactly what it was going to take in order to get me where I wanted to be. She is FULL of knowledge and has an insider's perspective on competing and I have no doubt at all that I will succeed while working with her. A huge bonus is that she has an Amazing sense of humor and personality that makes the pain and sweat a lot more bearable and the entire workout very enjoyable. Oh, and she has yet to have me to do an exercise that I have already done, so yea she is a gem if you're thinking about competing, or getting stronger, or just getting more fit in general."
Amanda H (San Antonio, Texas)
"My experience with Patty and studio was remarkable!! Being an expert in the field she still showed me new ways of living a healthy life. I love the explanations of why she had me do exercises a certain way and why eating has a great effect of what your body is going to do. She would always ask how I was and what my concerns are. Her FAITH and passion of her job helped me stay faithful and strong to help me reach my goal of walking on that stage and just being proud. She showed me that it's ok to feel sexy, to be a woman, and to feel proud of my hard work and dedication. Her support changed my life and I THANK YOU SOOO MUCH WITH THESE WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH. My husband thanks you too because this not only changed my way of i being but it changed his as well. Thank you from both of us in being part of our family and many more years to come."
Claudia H. (San Antonio, Texas)
"I did a lot of research and visited three types of gyms to find the right fit for my exercise and nutrition needs. I'm very pleased with the results I've had working with Patty as my trainer for the past 3 months. I really like the variety of cardio and strength training of each session and she continues to challenge me to increase intensity and endurance. And, the TaiChi/Yoga Fusion class is awesome! Patty and I are the same age, so I appreciate that she can relate to me as a woman, a driven career oriented person and a mom. Patty is my best cheerleader and I'd recommend her services to anyone wanting to improve their health and life balance! Thanks for believing in me Patty!"
Tonya M. (San Antonio, Texas)
"WellFit has been one of the best investments I have made for myself. All the trainers are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. During my training sessions, I have seen them work with their clients and the atmosphere they provide is positive and great for forward progress. The owner, Patty, is my trainer and she has been super hardcore with me. I have been training for Civil Affairs Assessment and Selection, one of the Army's jobs in Special Operations, and I feel as prepared as I can be for this demanding event. Patty knows how demanding cadre are and the high expectations that are set for Soldiers upon arrival at the various schools. She is a drill sergeant and has purposefully has been tough on me. She always demands proper form and pays close attention to any aches or pains you may have during the training session. Her extensive background in nutrition has helped me cut weight, lean out, and build solid muscle. I know that every training session I have is going to be challenging and tough and Patty has helped me dig deep down to complete reps and continue the entire workout even when I am tired. She has shown me that I can push my body through more than I ever thought possible. I highly recommend WellFit for anyone that wants to improve their fitness level. It doesn't matter what shape you're currently at, but you can expect to improve and your body will thank you for it!"
Kristin A. (US Army)
"I started 2015 committed to a lifestyle change. I watched several of my friends transform their lives last year with Patty at WellFit and am determined to achieve my goals this year. Patty met and evaluated my abilities right away. She developed and shared a custom nutrition plan to meet my objectives and set me up with individualized training sessions with Marijah. I am so happy with my progress. I have lost 15.75 inches, 6% reduction in BMI and 17 Lbs in the last two months! I've lost two dress sizes! Marijah is simply AMAZING! She positively encourages me throughout each workout keeps me focused to do my best. I just love her! She continues to awe me in that no two workouts have been the same; I love the way she mixes it all up and targets every muscle in my body during each hour long workout. Patty cares on a level that exceeds my expectations in every way. I have a disability and Patty has worked with me on pain management strategies as well as counseled me to develop coping mechanisms for dealing with the emotional and mental issues that come along with dealing with chronic pain. The rest of the trainers are always friendly and inviting! WellFIT has definitely improved the quality of my life! I can't wait to see what we can do together in the months to come!"
Pamela D. (Bulverde, TX)