It’s proven today, we are living stronger and living longer. Today’s grandparents like myself, are stronger, more active and healthier.

People over 55 see and feel the benefits of exercising regularly and making healthier choices when it comes to their eating.

They do this..not for just themselves..but for their children, grandchilden and great children and to enjoy a more active lifestyles overall.

I always say, we can get in the best shape of our lives at any age. Don’t let that NUMBER stop you.

WellFIT will always offer very safe and effective programs for you that will exceed your goals safely. Be surprised on how strong you are! That’s what I say.

WellFIT offers discounted rates for all individuals over 55. Flexible scheduling and eating plans that are always customized based on your specific food likes and dislikes.

Expect amazing changes physically, and mentally.

Please contact Patricia Englund, owner and grandmother, if you have additional questions, and if you want to schedule a free session with her personally or another of her top staff.

  • What We Offer

    • Health/Fitness/Nutritional Assessment
    • Customized Nutrition Plan with changes
    • Grocery List
    • Supplement Recommendations
    • Printable Strength, Cardio and Stretching Homework
    • Open gym access during your program
    • Bi-weekly measurements
    • 1 Inbody Composition Scan monthly
    • 24/7 access to your coach for accountability via text and email
    •  WellFIT Swag Bag